FBI Criminal Background Check in US

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FBI Criminal Background Check in US

Unread postby Burgundy » 26 May 2011, 15:39

Hello all, hopefully you can help me.

I have a degree and a TEFL certification, and I am currently job seeking. Last year I was wrongfully arrested (it was a for a misdemeanor offense, which I was innocent of). I was fingerprinted and taken to the police station. Because I had committed no crime, the case was dismissed and I received no conviction. But even though I had done nothing wrong, I was still arrested and fingerprinted. I am currently waiting for my FBI background check results, but I am worried that overseas employers will see an arrest on my background check and think I am a criminal.

Can anyone tell me if this is something to worry about...or what I can expect from applying to overseas TEFL positions?

Any help and advice would be most welcomed.

Thanks in advance :)


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