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TEFL / Degree / My Options (Help please!)

Unread postby marketingman » 22 Aug 2010, 15:04

Hi guys,

I am 24 & a UK national - currently just started working for a company doing search engine optimisation (internet marketing) earning 20k.

I've also been accepted into university on a 3 year (or 4 year sandwich) degree in Computer Sciences.

I have recently returned from travelling where I visited South East Asia (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia etc.)

As far as I'm aware most placements are volunteering and you have to pay?

I'm not in debt but have no money saved & I can't see that changing (if / when) I go to uni!

I'm not particularly enjoying the job even though I'm aware I am on a relatively good wage for someone without a degree. However my believe my passion is in teaching. I won't bore you with the stories (I'm sure you've all got your own equivalents) but I was touched by how much I could be of use with my specialist IT knowledge & even teaching English to those less fortunate than I have been (abroad).

I have recently completed the BASI (Brisith Association of Snowsport Instructors) course to enable me to teach skiing in the UK. As part of the training program I had to prepare and deliver a lesson. I can't tell you how a) difficult & b) rewarding that was.

Any thoughts or advice would be great from those who have been there? My options are a) do the degree b) carry on working, save money then quit - do the TEFL and hopefully find a placement after this (but I imagine that would be difficult without a degree).

Many thanks in advance.


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