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Job with no qualifications required

Unread postby lisawilson21 » 19 May 2005, 21:26

I am looking to move to Madrid in the next couple of months to embark on a career teaching English. I recently came across an adverisement for English teachers where no qualification or formal English teaching experience is required.

I wondered if anyone has any advice considering I have no English teaching experience? I have other teaching experience (teaching Dance to children and adults) and I also have lots of business experience.

It seems that there are few positions for people without experience, but I am wondering whether to be wary of a company that is offering positions to people with out experience and qualifications?

I was planning to complete a TEFL course before going to Madrid, but I wondering if this type of 'no experience, no qualification' organisation is my only option?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Unread postby chosimba » 23 May 2005, 13:20

Hello there! There are always going to be TEFL jobs advertised that "require no qualification or experience" but I would be wary of these. You will probably find that these "schools" turn out to be cowboy outfits, your salary will be lower, the number of contact hours you are required to teach may become unreasonable and there isn't any type of in-house training given. I would suggest taking a TEFL course. Once you have the necessary certificate, there are immediately more options available to you. You mentioned you were interested in moving to Madrid, which is full of TEFL teachers and language institutes. A TEFL certificate is a must. Hope this has been of some help to you and good luck!

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