what is a C.V.?

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what is a C.V.?

Unread postby kia » 19 Mar 2005, 23:45

2) What is a C.V. (curriculum vitae) - How do i create one? Do you have an example of a C.v. i can look at? If not, do you know were i can find examples? which websites?

3) For overseas teaching jobs, should i include a coverl letter, resume and a C.V. or ???

4) Should i create my email job application in the body of an email or as an attachment (word document/pdf)?

5) Are you aware of any online newsletters or mailing
lists geared toward TEFL (preferably employment).
note: i already have daves esl cafe. can you please share your job links

Is replying back to job listings a good way of finding a job?
or is there a more dilegent way


if i get the job, will i be asked to forward copies of docuements (i.e. college diploma, certificate, passport???) If so, how would i do this? by mail? Can i do it by email? how?

is it true my documents need to be certified? whats the purpose of certified documents?
how would i email certified documents?
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