Using videos and computers in the classroom

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Using videos and computers in the classroom

Unread postby myprofe » 27 Nov 2004, 19:15

Before the invention of video players, computers and the internet, ESL teachers had to rely on their own imagination and ingenuity to make their classes entertaining. Nowadays, with information technologies giving us the tools to bring the English speaking world into the classroom, it would seem that that aspect of the teacher’s job must certainly be easier. Without a doubt, having an unlimited variety of material to choose from will surely keep the students entertained. The only trouble with this argument is that it has yet to be proven that a person can acquire a second language simply by listening to songs or watching films. Our cities and towns are full of foreigners who will never learn to speak our language well. The challenge facing today’s language teachers is to draw on their teaching skills and experience to find ways to exploit these technologies to enhance and enrich their classes.

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Re: Using videos and computers in the classroom

Unread postby language_lover » 22 Aug 2008, 16:21

I don't think anyone would ever believe that videos and website could ever teach a person English but they can certainly provide them with interesting, naturalistic exposure to the language they're learning, which is really important for practice.
I don't think teachers should think technology in language learning can do their job for them, it just gives them another way to make classes engaging and motivating (especially classes full of teenagers!).

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