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New to TEFL

Unread postby Minty » 27 Sep 2006, 06:29

I’ve just finished high school and have been looking into teaching English abroad as a career path. Originally I was simply going to take a teaching course at University. However, after browsing the internet I found heaps of websites advertising that no real qualifications are needed to teach English abroad, and you simply need to take some 4 week course. I don’t want to take some dodgy course, and I would like to feel comfortable in myself during travelling and teaching, that I have proper teaching qualifications.

So, I’m just curious as to what experienced, TEFL teachers would recommend. My current plan is to finish a teaching degree at University, and then complete a TEFL course as well. Is this a good way to go? Or is University not necessary?

Also, in teaching abroad, am I better off doing a Bachelor of Education (Primary), (Secondary) or both? And, what trusted companies could you suggest that give TEFL certificates?

Any help or advice at all would be very much appreciated! Thanks :D :D

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Unread postby HenryTeach » 01 Oct 2006, 10:44

A degree plus cert are the usual. For entry level jobs almost any cert is acceptable; once you've got a year or more experience under your belt get a CELTA or Trinity.

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