some advice please.

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some advice please.

Unread postby tiresias » 30 Jul 2006, 15:25

I'm currently trying to complete a lesson plan on the following text for my tefl course. I feel i've done ok, but would greatly appreciate some advice before i submit my answers to the following questions:-
a). What level of learner would the text be suitable for?
b). What vocabulary would you pre-teach?
c). What detailed/global questions would you ask?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Two college students were standing on a street smoking cigarettes in Salt Lake City, USA when they were confronted by a gang of 20 teenagers carrying chains, bricks and a giant can of pepper gas. This is nothing strange in itself, but this gang, known as Straight Edgers, are a bit different.

Straight Edge members do not drink, smoke, take drugs, or have casual sex and are often vegetarian. Gang members often shave their heads and pierce their bodies with metal studs and rings. Their symbol, which is often seen on tattoos, is a black X in between smaller letters S and E.

Neil J, a Straight Edger from Washington D.C., explains this youth movement in more detail: "In a nutshell, Straight Edge is a youth movement associated with the hard-core and punk music scene, but with a big difference. It refers to a person who excludes all forms of drugs from their lives, including alcohol and cigarettes. Many don't even drink coffee because of the caffeine and won't take aspirin for a headache, as these are all things which pollute your body. Many Straight Edgers are vegetarian as a cruelty free lifestyle is good for them, the environment, and animals."

Another part of being a member is putting something back into the Straight Edger community. This could be by being in a band, writing an underground magazine, helping out in a collective or just doing something for someone apart from yourself to make the world a better place. Basically the whole movement centres around the issue of self control and getting rid of the negative impacts which influence your life.

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another answer on TEFL lesson

Unread postby clairounett » 05 Sep 2006, 15:39

I am following distance TEFL courses and I stuck on Unit3Mod1 task 1 "what do you consider to be the blocks which may prevent language learning?" I get a plan but nothing else can you help me to find an introduction please
my plan is
The Classroom itself
For learners to learn well the room needs to be:
Clean, warm, tidy, well ventilated, bright pictures on the walls, comfortable chairs, tables etc. etc. Arrangement of furniture etc.

The teacher and teacher learner relationship.
Creating a comfortable relaxed atmosphere – how is that done. Questioning techniques etc. Involving all the students all the time.

Teaching Methodology and tasks.
Methods and tasks should be of suitable variety/suitable level / relevance / cover all the 4 skills culturally acceptable etc.

Learners’ needs / problems
Emotional problems (can’t concentrate because worried about sick relative etc; just had a row with husband/wife etc.) health, (can’t concentrate if feeling ill), disabilities (poor sight, hearing etc.), or educational needs (dyslexia related issues).

Can you tell me at which Unit and in which company or school you are ? :lol: :roll:

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Unread postby vcbpg » 17 Sep 2006, 19:58

hi again,

for teacher student relationship,

be calm, patient and attentive. Try to avoid talking to much, let the students talk as much as possible.

For questioning,
you can always ask each student a question, or ask a question and have them discuss it among themselves.

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Unread postby vcbpg » 17 Sep 2006, 20:06

I would say that the article is geared at intermediate, upper intermediate students. There are many difficult words in there. However, I would pre teach the word gang and things relating to it. I would also pre teach °putting back into the community.° Put back might confuse them.

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some help please

Unread postby meizixianluo » 30 Dec 2008, 08:19

I'm trying to complete task 2 and 3 in module for my tefl course. I feel i've done ok, but would greatly need some help before i submit my answers..
1 how could you arouse the students' intrest in test?

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