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Unread postby kelsnichole » 19 Jul 2006, 18:59

So, I've done my research... I dont need the certificate to teach in most countries-- but I do need it for easier visa access, a higher paying job, and a better one at that. It signifies "intent" is what I'm hearing.
So which one?
I know we've all agreed that CELTA and CertTOSEL certificates are the "only" degrees to have if you're going to teach abroad. But what about for us "poor folk" that cant afford those schools? I cant take 4 weeks off work, pay for housing and food, and 2-3K for another school. What are my options?
I've heard everyone say that online classes arent the way to go because you dont get any classroom time. What about online+the weekend course? Or what about a 100 hour weekend course over 4 weeks?
Since I cant afford the schools, or the degree for that matter, to start off- wheres the "community college" equivelant to the Harvard degree of teaching abroad?
I found a program called "Oxford Seminars" at http://www.oxfordseminars.com, for those of us that live in CA. Its half the price, but its only the TEFL certificate. Its comprable in classroom and instruction hours though.
Personally, I would like to teach in Japan, and I'm hearing that certificates arent a necessity in the majority of asian countries. But if I choose to change the country any time soon? Do I have any other options?

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oxford semminars

Unread postby christa » 08 Aug 2006, 03:45

I dont know wich i would take either.Oxford is cheaper by far and it does have a very good reputation here in Canada.But in still undecided.
I dont have University either ,i wonder if CELTA would still take you if you had a college diploma?
Its a tough call.As for money If you want to take CELTA i would have to say either take a loan,get financing or save up for it ,if your really hard core about it.

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