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TESL Canada recognizing CELTA

Posted: 28 Sep 2016, 06:15
by bpascoe2

I'm encountering a few difficulties and receiving conflicting information, so I thought I'd ask the masses.

I did my CELTA in Chiang Mai with International House. From what I see on websites, the course I completed looks absolutely identical to the CELTA courses offered in Canada that are TESL Canada recognized.

I have been instructed to get my TESL Canada certification - which means that TESL Canada needs to approve my CELTA as it is not on their recognized list (this is different than PLAR). So, the cost for regular application is just over 100.00 and another 100.00 for "non- TESL Canada recognized CELTA applicants"

My fear is going through this application process of over 230.00 to be rejected.

Does anyone have experience with TESL Canada not recognizing their CELTA certification?

Many thanks in advance!

Re: TESL Canada recognizing CELTA

Posted: 28 Sep 2016, 10:06
by Lucy

Have you spoken to International House main office in London about this? If not, I suggest you do. They should be able to advise and may even have a training centre in Canada who would know about this.



Re: TESL Canada recognizing CELTA

Posted: 28 Sep 2016, 23:38
by bpascoe2
Hi Lucy,

Yes, I have but TESL Canada needs to recognize CELTA certificates in Canada to be granted TESL Canada certification which 90% of schools require.