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Unread post by jyau95 » 09 Mar 2016, 01:07

Hello last year I bought a 120 online course on and competed it and got my certificate. I am now looking for a job and went to try go back on the website and it has gone. It goes straight to and tried to log in and didnt work and tried contacting and said I was a member. I tried contacting and they don't reply. I am very worried that now my certificate is not allowed for a tefl job. HELP!

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Unread post by keith » 25 Mar 2016, 08:20 now directs to as you said.

This means that either:

1. The person who ran the course went out of business and/or sold the domain to


2: The domain was owned by the same people that own in the first place. They originally ran the two as separate entities but have now merged them.

Whichever the case, I'd suggest contacting, stating that you notice now redirects to their site, and explaining your situation, asking if they can help.

If they can't, don't worry too much - the fact that the company who you got certified with has gone out of business doesn't mean that the certificate isn't valid - many employers won't look that far anyway, and for those that do, you can explain what happened. After all, it's not your fault that they went out of business, and any decent and reputable employer will understand that.

Hope that helps.


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