New Comers Training/Qualification Guidelines

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New Comers Training/Qualification Guidelines

Unread post by Biscuits » 14 May 2014, 12:09

Hi all,
As far as I have seen in my own online research the same questions are asked over and over. Yeah the "CELTA or Online?" "I don't have a Bachelors Degree, Help?" so I thought that this post could help people who are looking for some quick basic rules to starting there journey into TEFL. This is based off information I have found on here and other sites, please feel free to update this with any information that is outdated or incorrect.

1) Do you have a Bachelors Degree?
If not then your options in terms of countries are limited, If like myself you're looking at making this a career then you may want to look at getting this first. There are still countries that do not require a Degree (and those that do are often that way due to the Visa application), these are constantly changing so look online or visit the embassy of the country and check the Visa requirements.

2) Qualification, CELTA, TrinityTESOL or Online?
Once again this depends on your level of requirement, CELTA and TrinityTESOL are your (to quote another user who I can't seem to remember) "Gold Standard". The Online courses are Taster/Gap year qualifications at best it seems, they will get you in but don't expect much in terms of pay or benefits.

3) Job search :)
Ok now I admit the first time I saw an advert for a teaching position I thought it was a scam too, accommodation and airfare included? (Yeah I saw a pretty high end one) I will say that for some of the lager chains and private schools this is a possible benefit but as with any form of employment check your contract, do your research into the company and ask your fellow teachers. In terms of the search itself there are numerous sites that offer to pass on your information in exchange for a fee, the best advice I can seem to find is to look at 'Local' I.E the country your looking for listings or a trusted job posting site that allows the schools to post themselves. Now this isn't the only way but it certainly seems the safest while you find your feet.

4) Am I safe, Can I live on the pay?
If you can be disciplined about your spending and do some quick culture research your pay can last, but again this is dependent on you (and of course the wage itself, you can't do the impossible). The obvious costs such as rent and travel are under your control, take a taxi or the train? No frills studio or luxury apartment? There is danger in any society and the rules don't change (cultural exceptions not included). You are ultimately responsible for your own safety so just be sensible and have fun.

That is all I can think to add for the basics, If you think I have left anything out please add it. This will help myself and the next generation of teachers.
Biscuits 8)

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Re: New Comers Training/Qualification Guidelines

Unread post by Allophony » 17 Feb 2016, 11:40

Good post.

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