Birmingham MA TEFL/TESOL (distance) information request

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Birmingham MA TEFL/TESOL (distance) information request

Unread postby steve_sensei » 06 Dec 2013, 00:34

I would like to hear from anyone who is currently doing this course, or who has graduated recently, regarding the questions below:

1. How prompt are the teachers and local tutors in responding to emails?
2. I've heard the course is very research focused, is this true and roughly how much of what you have learnt on the course have you been able to apply directly to your classroom practices?
3. Is there anything you feel that is missing from the course? For example, I don't see CALL, learner autonomy, etc, mentioned in the module overviews.
5. Is there anything you wish you'd known about the course before starting that I haven't asked about above? Please explain.

The reason for my post is that, of all the distance MAs I've looked into, this one had appealed to me the most because its five core modules cover just about everything I'm interested in, minus one or two things that I am hoping are in there somewhere just not mentioned on the website. However, when I emailed them about it, I got a very waffle-filled reply, and my biggest request about being put in contact with current or former students was denied due to the Data Protection Act not allowing them to pass on email addresses. This has irked me somewhat as other universities ask their students first, then pass on the information if the students say that it is okay. I'm wondering if there is some reason for their reticence, such as the David's English House funding scandal (though that is old news)...

Anyway, I probably won't choose this course unless it can get itself back to the top of my list. Any answers and opinions are much appreciated!

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