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Tefyl extra training

Unread postby DreaLauren » 04 Oct 2013, 16:05

Hi, I am almost finished the TESOL certificate training. I am planning on teaching children, and have been considering taking the additional TEFYL training. I don't have a degree so I'm ready to take more courses just in case, but I wondering if I really need it. Does anyone know from experience or stories if the additional course is really necessary, or if I'm likely be able to get a job without it?
Thanks so much!

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Re: Tefyl extra training

Unread postby Susan » 05 Oct 2013, 17:12

If you don't have a degree or any other teaching qualification (PGCE etc), then it's worth doing. You could get a job teaching children without the TEFYL but you'd have a boost for your CV and be equipped with skills to deal with children which is very different to teaching adults.


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