My Situation - Advice Greatly Appreciated!

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My Situation - Advice Greatly Appreciated!

Unread postby PearsonGW » 02 Aug 2013, 13:25


I have recently finished my degree at the University of Birmingham in England, UK. For one reason or another I ended up with a lower classification than I was expecting (3) and although I am appealing, on medical grounds, to retake two exams I did particularly bad in, I am considering a career in TEFL.

I have had experience on my gap year volunteering in Thailand for a month and I found it very enjoyable. I have since done a weekend course in London to get a taste for TEFL courses, and would like to take this training further. I have been directed to various institutions and providers but I would like to know the best course of action if I am going to take this path as a career. The courses I have been told to look at are the CELTA, CertTESOL and INTESOL courses. My understanding is that any "online" course is not worth doing as a lot of countries and schools won't even bother considering your application, so with that in regard, I am leaning more towards the CELTA.

Eventually, I would like to move up into a DoS role or similar, so that I can settle down somewhere with a decent base salary, and I hear the DELTA course is the best way to go for this. Now I know this is years down the line as you need both experience and a previous accredited TEFL certificate to gain access to this course, but does this sound like a viable career path?

I've never been that bothered about making a lot of money, and teaching in the UK was my first choice of employment but due to my degree classification this is no longer possible without at least gaining some teaching experience/doing another degree.

I am looking for advice from/a discussion with people that are familiar with the field and could shed a bit more light onto my options.

Finally, and this may not be the best place to ask this question, has anyone used their TEFL qualifications to gain access to a PGCE or GTP in the UK? If at all possible I would still love to teach primary school children here in London but I'm not sure if that ship has already sailed.

Thanks in advance for any contributions


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