Need help with 2 questions on my CELTA application

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Need help with 2 questions on my CELTA application

Unread post by TommyJ » 19 Jul 2013, 14:30

Im having trouble with two questions on my CELTA application form.

On my first question, Im stuck with the part where it asks why am i "suited to teaching". From my understanding this is teaching in general and not specificaly ESL teaching. My problem is I am a bit uncertain if it's a good answer to the question. Could some one check over my answer for me, and give some critical feed back? Here is the first question anyway, along with the answer.

Write about why you want to follow the course and why you think you would be suited to teaching. [Write approximately 100 words in your own handwriting.]

As I wish to pursue a Career in ESL teaching, I believe undertaking a CELTA course will help me begin my career. This is because CELTA is the most recognised TEFL qualification and because the course would provide me with the practical training needed for teaching English in a classroom setting.I would be suited to teaching because during my time in University, I enjoyed helping and working with people on projects. Furthermore, I have strong, interactive communication skills, and I am patient and willing to listen, when dealing with people. I believe these assets are important for teaching.

The second question im trying to figure out is "Is there any other information which you think might be relevant to this application?"

My answer to the question is I’m currently studying grammar equations and English teaching methods, at home in order to prepare for the possibility of starting a CELTA course.

My problem is, I dont know if it's a good idea to mention this, because it seems desperate, and I might get in trouble during the interview process, when they bring it up.

Any thaughts on this or criticism, I welcome.

Im really struggling with this application. Thanks for reading anyway.

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Re: I nelp with 2 questions on my CELTA application.

Unread post by Alex Case » 20 Jul 2013, 20:20

You seem on the right track, except I'm not sure what "grammar equations" are. It might be worth actually mentioning how you're studying, e.g. which books you're reading.

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