Oxford House College? UCL?

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Oxford House College? UCL?

Unread postby Student » 22 May 2013, 15:30

I'm looking for a place in London to do the part time Celta and wondered if anyone here can recommend the above two? I'm assuming they're good, seeing as they're both listed on the Cambridge website but does anyone know otherwise?
I'm also considering International House, St Giles International, Language Link or Tefl Lab 'though not all of them provide the part time Celta. Frankly I'm still debating between the Trinity and Celta. My goal is to teach for a year or so in Europe and see how I get on. From my research, both courses appear to be highly regarded with Celta perhaps having a slight edge.
I'd love to read about your experiences with any of the above places, especially Oxford House College and UCL.
Finally, I'm wondering whether the changes to qualifications from November this year (see the Cambridge website) is anything to worry about?

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