Internship + online tefl course?

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Internship + online tefl course?

Unread postby Mahay » 01 Apr 2013, 14:09

I'm heading to Kyrgyzstan later this year to begin a 4 month TEFL internship with the London School in Bishkek. This is for people with no TEFL qualification, and from what I can gather it doesn't really provide a proper TEFL qualification either - though they do offer 2 weeks teacher training and several workshops throughout the 4 months. The additional perks are free accommodation, a small stipend and very cheap, private Russian lessons, plus being in Kyrgyzstan, which is somewhere I'm really eager to get to!

My question is, would it also be worth doing an online TEFL course so that I have a qualification as well as the internship. I realise that many institutions do not value these online courses alone as there's no hands-on experience, but would the two together be as strong as a class-based TEFL qualification? Or would the internship be enough to progress, despite not getting an 'internationally recognised' piece of paper?

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