CertEDI versus CELTA/CertTESOL to work in Hong Kong

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CertEDI versus CELTA/CertTESOL to work in Hong Kong

Unread postby LouiseTJ » 01 Feb 2013, 15:11

I'm considering a change of career (or at least a break in my career to spend time working abroad). I'm a qualified solicitor but have had thoughts of teaching for a long time. Im keen to do some teaching English as a foreign language abroad and have looked into the different courses. I work full time so cannot do the CElTA full time course, and I can't find a part time course in my area (leeds) to start before september. Ive looked into the Trinity CertTESOL courses but can't find if they can be done part time - does anyone know if they are offered part time?

My other option is to do I-to-i EDI course which they say is the equivalent of a level 5 qualification (ie CELTA) but is available at weekends. It's accredited by Ofqual but I'm worried that if I do this course my options are limited for finding decent work abroad - I'm particularly interested in working in Hong Kong. If I do the EDI course will it enable me to work in schools in HK or just language centres? How much can I expect to earn out there? I'd be very grateful for any information or advice that anyone can give me!
Thank you
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