8 week CELTA course -- any interest?

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8 week CELTA course -- any interest?

Unread postby CELTASkelta » 10 Jun 2012, 07:13

There is a CELTA class that is given as a M-W-F-Sat class over seven or eight weeks. It's not for someone working full time, but it does slow things down a bit, which gives you time to really learn and internalize, etc. Since it's rarely offered tho, my idea is to see if we can find 6 of us together who are interested in doing such a course, say in the late Fall, Nov/Dec, and then we should be able to find a Center to give us the course that way! I'm thinking South America where it's much less expensive (save as much as a thousand), (maybe even on the beach) -- or if no one wants to leave the States then maybe San Francisco? (Cool all Summer long, but never gets cold...)

If we have the six people I'm willing to handle dealing with the Centres...

Puleeaze don't respond by saying why this is a bad idea... please only respond if you might be interested.

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