CELTA or any teaching english job WITHOUT a degree?

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CELTA or any teaching english job WITHOUT a degree?

Unread postby chicoelnino » 16 May 2012, 16:45

So myself and my girlfriend were looking into doing a CELTA course with the intention of moving abroad(from here in Ireland) and finding teacher related work.

I have a bachelor's degree, but my girlfriend does not.

It seems to be the case where every job offer requires candidates to have a degree behind them?

Now I don't have any problem with this requirement from a visa point of view, but what I do have an issue with is CELTA course's and other TEFL course's accepting people who don't have any degree.

I mean what's the point in taking nearly €2,000 off them when it will be almost impossible for them to get a job even if they pass the CELTA?

Can anyone shed some light on this whole area of job opportunities at teaching English without a degree BUT with a CELTA/equivalent certification?


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