Lesson plan. Last attempt

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Lesson plan. Last attempt

Unread postby Ras+sie_ » 23 Jan 2012, 17:20

To whom it may concern

I need to write a lesson plan, but I don't seem to get it right. Can you please look at it and give me pointers. I dont want to fail. It's about hobbies and adverbs of frequency. I don't under stand the new vocabulary. This is what the tutor told me :

Comment: I am afraid you have again assumed that the students already know the target language. This is not the case, so you need to present this to them. As I stated in my previous feedback, "As far as vocab of hobbies goes, there is no presentation in your lesson - you simply assume that all the words are known by the students from the start. What you need to do is find a way to present each word to them and drill it thoroughly, so that they remember its meaning and pronunciation. "

You have only presented the adverbs of frequency which only need to be reviewed.

Here is the suggested staging:
A quick review of the adverbs of frequency
Set context (through pictures)
Elicit vocabulary (elicit what they know and give them what they don’t know)
Drill chorally and individually
Give the written form (for students to refer back to)
Controlled speaking practice
Freer practice
Controlled written practice for homework

Thank you very much

This is what is have done :


Let the students play a game of word search where the words are about different hobbies.
5 min

* Put a picture of a hobby an the board with the hobby name next to it. Elicit questions like :
"What hobby's do you have"

* Let the students work in pairs writing down hobbies they can think of like :
swimming, fishing, reading..
3 min

* By using pictures let the students make sentences with Adverbs of frequency using subject + usaully/sometimes/often + verb
she usually read a book
He sometimes ride his bike
They often go rollerblading
10 min

* Drill the students chorally and individually
1 min

* Let students talk about the different hobbies. Tell them about your hobbies and discuss the different types.

* Get students in pairs and let them make sentences with their own hobbies in the form of present simple question lik :

When do I play football
When does she read her book

4 min


* Get the sudents to write adverb of frequency about each others hobbies. Like :
She usually read a book
He sometimes play football
They often do excersices together

* Drill this chorally and individually
2 min

Controlled Practise

Give students worksheets where they have to fill in the gap words, like :

When______ they play football.
They _____ sad about the _______.
She ______ play alone.
4 min

* Write target language sentence on the board
He is sad
He loves his new hobby
He would like to have a new dvd player


Let students work in pairs discussing their hobbies. Let them ask and answer each other questions about the hobbies and then let them tell it to the class.
5 min

Set Homework

Let them write an essay about their hobbies, and what new hobbies they would like to to
1 min

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Re: Lesson plan. Last attempt

Unread postby Lucy » 24 Jan 2012, 22:04

I'll just make one quick comment: in the warmer, you are asking students to find vocab of hobbies in a word search puzzle; to find the words, the students have to know them already. Then they match the picture with the name of the hobby. This means the students know the language of hobbies. These tasks are fine for students who already know the language. But your task is to teach them this language; you need to assume that they don't know it. Hope this helps!

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