help checkpoint 5 q12

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help checkpoint 5 q12

Unread postby michael » 05 Oct 2011, 10:22

How would you introduce your students to the culture of an English-speaking country? Please describe an activity which would help them learn more about the country and increase their cultural sensitivity. You may use one of the activities mentioned in the module, however please provide specific details about the way you would organise the activity in your class. (Write about 150 words)
Hi there,
Can someone please help me out with that question. i am puzzled.
I am thinking of teaching English culture and introducing some materials to the class such as photos and objects. but i don't k now how to do it.
Please tell me what type of activity would be best for beginners? and how to set the class with that activity - what to discuss.
thanks (i have 5 days to complete the chkpt5,.

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