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Help choosing a training program

Unread postby maekat » 26 Sep 2011, 19:29

I am currently applying to various TEFL programs in Eastern Europe in January of 2012, with the goal of finding job placement in Russia or the Ukraine afterward. I am finding it difficult to confidently choose a program. I know the CELTA is globally respectable and probably the surest bet, but for the most part the only affordable and timely CELTA programs are run by International House, of which I have heard mixed reviews. Do you know anything about International House programs, specifically in Eastern European places (Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland)?

I am also wondering about the Trinity TESOL program. I have an interview tomorrow morning with a program offering this certification in Prague. I've heard generally good things, but it is surprisingly hard to find much in the way of solid, reliably unbiased info about TEFL programs on the internet. Is the Trinity TESOL as respected as the CELTA?

I'm worried because I live in the US and won't be able to afford to have a real gap between my program completion and employment, and graduating in early February I'll be cutting it pretty close to the start of Russian spring semesters.

Any insight you could provide would be very helpful! Thanks,

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Re: Help choosing a training program

Unread postby Briona » 26 Sep 2011, 22:11

The Trinity CertTESOL and the CELTA are equally respected and accepted. The CELTA probably has a slightly higher profile but only because it's offered by more providers. Any school requesting that level of qualification will happily accept either a CELTA or a Trinity CertTESOL.

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