Visa and employment following cert program?

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Visa and employment following cert program?

Unread postby maekat » 09 Sep 2011, 20:24

I'm looking to teach English in Russia or the Ukraine and I'm applying to a few certification programs (CELTA, Trinity, and possibly the Via Lingua program?) in those countries, and considering ones in nearby areas with the option of getting hired into Russia or the Ukraine when the program is complete.

I have one major concern that I can't seem to find adequately addressed anywhere. I live in the United States. I know that after a program is done, you usually have 2-3 days left on your visa and then, ya gotta go. How good are my odds of being able to line up a job DURING a certification program, so there isn't a gap in my visa? I just don't have the budget to fly all the way home, look for a job from here, and then fly back when I get one. I'm also not near a major city offering any of these certifications in the US, and it would cost much more to spend a month in an American city completing a more costly CELTA program than it would abroad.

How have other people handled this? Do people tend to go straight out of a certification program into a job, or should I expect to have some trouble there?

I'm also considering the Language Link internship program, which so far is looking like the most appealing option for me, as long as they do decide to run an internship program in January. If anyone has any feedback on Language Link, I'd appreciate that as well. The man with whom I communicated about the program appears to have a facebook fan club, which is a good sign.

Thanks much,

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