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Online tefl courses

Unread postby cherrypip » 28 Jul 2011, 12:45

HI I am interested in doing the TEFL course, but I live far from any schools that offer it. I have seen I-to-I offer a 140 hour course which includes a 20hour weekend course in a classroom to gain practical experience. They say the course is recognised internationally. Do you have any knowledge of them and if I would be able to use this qualification to teach English in Spain?

Thanks for your help

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Re: Online tefl courses

Unread postby ZoeJan » 19 Sep 2011, 05:51

I may be a bit late to answer your question but from what I've heard it is tough to find jobs in Europe and you need to either be a full qualified teacher or have a TEFL degree like the one you mentioned (get one that has a practical section many places do not acept ones that are only online, the one you have picked is good in this regard) and as well as the TEFL degree have some experience.

I know one person who went to Spain with her degree, had a few interviews but could not find a job. She had to go back to the UK broke after she had run out of funds. Later she went to Korea and got a job relitavly quickly. But if you do this make sure you go at the best time of year when they are hiring. I think a good time is about Feb-April but check. Many jobs available in between are due to high turn over because the schools are horrible.

It might not be impossible to get a job in Spain without prior experience but it is very hard from what I've heard. I think this is the same anywhere in Europe or the middle east. Asia and Central and South America are good for first timers.

Hope this helps

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