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Certification through university?

Unread postby aarcher » 26 Jun 2011, 19:58

Hello all!
Programs like CELTA/Trinity/SIT are not currently possible for me, so I was planning on applying to a graduate TEFL certification program through a local university. Then I read this in the tefl.net FAQ:

"Universities that offer their own TEFL certificates might train you well but should generally not be your first choice because a certificate that is only offered by one institution will never be well recognised in the global industry that TEFL is."

The program I'm applying to seems decent, but definitely lacks name recognition (University of Central Florida). It requires 4 of the following 5 classes for certification (I would do practicum):
TSL 5345 Methods of ESOL Teaching (3 credit hours) or TSL 6940 ESOL Practicum (3 credit hours)
TSL 5940 Issues in TEFL (3 credit hours)
TSL 6142 Critical Approaches to ESOL (3 credit hours)
TSL 6250 Applied Linguistics in ESOL (3 credit hours)
TSL 6350 Grammar ESOL (3 credit hours)

My goal is to teach in Turkey (Istanbul preferred, but I'm open) or Bosnia & Herzegovina. My question is, exactly how important is name recognition? Is this program worth the money?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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