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Which course? Advice please!

Unread postby KCasey » 30 May 2011, 17:48


I'm wondering if anybody will be able to help me with some advice please?

I'm a journalism graduate who, after a long time either not working or doing bits and bats of freelancing, has recently managed to get a half decent full time contracted job. I'm earning enough money to pay off my overdraft that I accrued and I'm finally beginning to save surplus cash too.

I'm planning on, when I have enough money saved up, going to South Korea and at least initially would like to teach English. I have a small amount of informal experience in this field as I currently do a weekly language exchange with a Korean lady I know.

My problem is I'm not fully certain what I should do regarding a TEFL or similair qualification.
I would not be able to get 4 weeks off of work to do this and I'm not certain it would be a good idea to quit my job - even when I have saved a fair amount of money - to then do a course like this with no guaranteed job at the end of it.

Are there any courses you could recomend where I would be able to do the bulk of the theory at home or on weekends?
I imagine I can take off up to two weeks from my job so I would be able to do any observed teaching, etc in this period.

My problem seems to be that all the courses I have seen are either 4 weeks and not very flexible or the "intense" ones (2 days or so) do not look like they'd consitute a great qualification and I do not believe I would learn enough from them to do my potential future students justice.

Sorry for the long post but any feedback or advice would be great!

Kind regards,

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Re: Which course? Advice please!

Unread postby pokedmund » 31 May 2011, 06:36

If the CELTA is what you're interested in, check each English centre. Many offer part time course which last up to 3-4 months.

this was the option I took when I was working full time in London, 9-5.

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