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Which course

Unread postby TGabor » 02 May 2011, 19:41

So, first of all, sorry for making another topic with the same questions what many ppl asking. I tried to find answer without making a new topic, but so far I just cant find anything which can help or. ( OR i'm blind )

So than, I want to start a training to teach kids probably in China, or somewhere there for longer term. As far as I'v seen the TEFL training I just feel I lost. I have several question, and I hope someone will be able to help me. Which TEFL training should I take? I mean is it easier to get a job with a longer training? I'm thinking to take an online training, because money is an issue at the moment, but i'm not sure its worth it. Isn't it harder to find a job with the online course? I just cant make my mind up. Two more things, Can anyone recommend a school? And I heard as a non-native english speaker, its harder me to find a job, is this true? And if yes, is it still worth to take the training?

I know, these questions are very common, and it makes the old forum users vicious, so please forgive my stupidness

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