TEFL from University/College or Language School?

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TEFL from University/College or Language School?

Unread postby telefunken » 07 Aug 2005, 23:04

Hello, I have a question about acquiring a TEFL certificate, and in my situation, what would be the best way to approach becoming certified.

I'm a 25-year-old English major currently attending a community college. I will be transferring in January of 2006 (possibly to NYU, Syracuse, or Binghamton, but I haven't made any concrete plans just yet). My question is, do most universities offer a TEFL course as an option, or this is something that would have to be obtained exclusively from a language school?

I would like to become certified as quickly as possible, so I can try and get a job abroad next summer teaching English. However, if most college and universities offer this as an option, it seems like a waste of money and time to become certified from an outside source. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Unread postby mercury » 08 Aug 2005, 10:54

Your best option is to do a CELTA or TRINITY course as these are the only ones that are validated by a UNiversity or College.

Do a search for CELTA and then one for TRINITY and you will find all the different schools that offer the course.

When looking for a TEFL course provider you will come across many different options, some will claim and actually be members of some international association or group of TEFL course providers, others will say that they are externally moderated by a university.

The truth is that being moderated and and validated are two completely different things. (being moderated only means that the institution PAYS the university to go around and make sure that they are actually providing a TEFL course) The moderatos only visit a school for 3 or 4 days at the most and then do not return for another 2 or 3 years. They only return when the school decides that they are in good enough shape to PAY and get a good review.

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a TEFL course provider is how much teaching practice you will get. Normally for a course to be adequate they should offer at least 7 hours (more is better)
The amount of input sessions should not be less that 100 hours in 4 weeks.

Most TEFL course providers offer this, however you must remember that the only validated and truly recognized courses are those that offer the CELTA and TRINITY certificate.

You will find CELTA and TRINITY course providers in just about every country, so you are more than likely to find one in a location that suits your needs.

I hope this info helps.


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