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Beginner questions

Unread postby Ameris » 12 Feb 2011, 18:00

So some of these questions might come off as ignorant, but I have a lot to learn! I am a current student, and I'm planning on teaching abroad in the (semi) near future. I always planned on traveling, and being an education major, I fell in love with the prospect of experiencing another culture partnered with teaching.

I plan on getting my TEFL certification, but I have a few questions that google can't seem to answer. I knwo you can either take it in the classtoom, or online. I'm wondering if taking the course online will yield the same kind of certification. I need to finish my degree before I can pursue any kind of TEFL career, and next year I do plan on living in New York City, but at the time I'm anticipating working full time and going to school full time, and taking it online would really cater more to my learning style and when I'm available. I'm planning on taking the 120 hour course (from what I understand this one is the most desirable), but will taking it online affect my certification? From what I've read, there are so many required in-class hours teaching ESL, and I don't see how I would get this taking the online course, unless there is some kind of substitute? I don't know the innerworkings of the course and am therefore having a hard time making the decision. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks. :-)

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