How do I begin?

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How do I begin?

Unread postby buddhatoe » 07 Jul 2005, 18:12

Hello, I don't have a degree or any formal training. I left school in 1985 and have worked in the graphics industry since. I have recently thought about changing my career and hopefully see some of the world. Has anyone got any advice or information regarding starting out and the qualifications necessary to teach English abroad?
A shove in the right direction is all I'm after.

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Unread postby amm65 » 19 Jun 2006, 12:10

Maybe you could take an TESOL course abroad. Some asian countries like Thailand offer such courses and don't require teacher to have a degree to teach...

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Unread postby tessconner » 13 Jul 2006, 16:41

You need to be TESOL qualified in order to teach, although some Asian countries take in teachers without professional qualification if you are a native speaker but most jobs require you to have a TESOL certification or an equivalent.

A number of institutions all over the world run TESOL courses and generally all you need to enroll yourself in a course is the ability to produce some University level work. I cannot help you to choose which course would be best for you as I'm not very informative but I did my course from TEFL International in China (Zuhai)and I think my money was well spent. I'm now teaching in China for the last two years and having a ball. Cheers!! :D

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