Degrees in English + Slavic Languages -- what to do next?

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Degrees in English + Slavic Languages -- what to do next?

Unread postby aricaric » 20 Jan 2011, 02:02


I'm about to graduate with Bachelors degrees in English and Slavic Languages & Literatures from a large public school in America. I've studied in Russia in the past and spent some time (though not a lot) in Poland and Hungary.

I'm thinking of going to graduate school in either Russian or English, but I'd like to teach abroad for a while in Central or Eastern Europe (including the Southeast, with Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia). I can speak Russian, understand Ukrainian, and generally read the rest of the Slavic languages -- but not produce them. What should I do next in order to teach in one of these East/Central European countries?

I've read a few guidelines and getting some sort of TEFL cert. seems to be mandatory, but I'm not sure about the specific requirements for these places. I know that getting work in places like Prague and Budapest might be hard, but I wouldn't mind living in Bohemia or somewhere in Slovakia. Russia would be great, but I have experienced the troubles of visas there. What chances do I have in getting even a sorta-decent job teaching in these areas with degrees in English and Slavic Languages?

One last question -- I have worked at my university's writing center for two years, where we serve a ton of ESL students (almost half of the students we help). Can this count as teaching experience?

Thanks! Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.
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