Stanton or West London College for CELTA?

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Stanton or West London College for CELTA?

Unread postby celtamac » 11 Oct 2010, 16:45

Hi All

I'm doing the four week CELTA course in November and have been offered places at Saxon Court, Stanton School of English and Ealing Hammersmith and West London College. Saxon Court and Stanton are solely language schools and are thus much smaller than WLC. I'd prefer to study at a smaller school as I find big campuses distracting and I got a very good vibe at Stanton.

WLC does however seem to be more structured in that they provide students with pre-course exercises as opposed to just recommended reading. They also do an extra day of PTILLS and have all the assets of an established college i.e library, computer labs etc. WLC is a longer commute for me though - something I'm told may be an issue due to the intensity of the course.

I know that if they're done correctly CELTA courses are almost identical but I'd still love to hear from anyone with an opinion and those familiar with these three schools.

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