Taiwan and TESOL/TEFL

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Taiwan and TESOL/TEFL

Unread postby diplox » 25 Sep 2010, 21:29


First, a little background info. I'm currently completing a bachelors degree via a SUNY college(Empire State College,) my understanding though is the MoE in Taiwan generally won't issue work permits for degrees earned via schools that are primarily known as providers of distance education, which Empire State is pretty well known for. I do however have an associates degree from a SUNY Community College which doesn't do much in the way of distance learning, and my understanding is this paired with a TEFL/TESOL is sufficient for getting a work permit to teach at chain/cram schools in Taiwan. So, my question is, are any of the online TEFL/TESOL certs generally accepted by the MoE as valid for work permits? If not, does anyone know any providers of TEFL Certs in New York State that would be accepted?


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