Sticky situation: Confused and need some advice

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Sticky situation: Confused and need some advice

Unread postby monotone » 23 Aug 2010, 19:19

This past April I visited Vietnam and fell in love. When arriving back to the States, I decided that I wanted to venture off and teach English overseas.

I have a BA in Sociology with a minor in Child Development, however do not have teaching experience or lesson planning experience. In order to better myself with a guarantee for job placement, I decided that I wanted to get my TEFL certificate. My plan is to go to Ho Chi Minh City, complete a program, and look for a teaching job after I am "certified" with plans of staying in the country for as long as I can.

This is where I messed up. I rushed and didn't know there was a CELTA program until after paying a $500.00 deposit to TEFL International. I also did heavy research AFTER paying the down payment, finding out that there are many horror stories about TEFL International. I then researched about ILA in Ho Chi Minh City and their CELTA program seems legit.

My question is should I take a $500 dollar burn and do the CELTA program at ILA, or should I continue with the original plan and go through TEFL? I'm torn. Yes, I know that is what happens when you rush and do not pump the brakes.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

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