Looking into legitimate on-site TEFL certification

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Looking into legitimate on-site TEFL certification

Unread postby Blunderbore » 19 Mar 2010, 22:04

Hi, I'm new to this site and I was interested in getting accredited through a legitimate on-site TEFL course. I was hoping a few of you could share some of your experiences and any information with on site training certification programs that offer placement assistance once completed. I was hoping to take a certification course in Latin America or in Asia then get help with the process and placement for an initial teaching experience. I've done my research and sleuthing so please no veiled endorsements or ads, I'll know the difference.

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Re: Looking into legitimate on-site TEFL certification

Unread postby Jo » 20 Mar 2010, 09:29

This is just a personal point of view but for what it's worth I have never seen the advantage of using a course that offers (help with) job placement. In fact it seems to me like a really bad idea, since one activity (job placement) could adversely influence the other (course provision), and vice versa. I have no evidence to back this up. It is purely a personal opinion.

I do believe that with the right qualifications (often including a good solid TEFL course) you will find employment with or without the help of a course provider.

With this in mind, I would be looking as you are for "a legitimate on-site TEFL course" full stop.

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Re: Looking into legitimate on-site TEFL certification

Unread postby systematic » 21 Mar 2010, 08:51

I agree with TN.
Take a close look at their web sites. Try to evaluate where the real emphasis is. If they are not selling 'guaranteed' jb placement with the course, they may be OK. If they are not providing courses, and admit to being purely a teacher placement agency, then as long as they are not asking the teachers for money, they are probably OK. If they are offering guaranteed work, free scuba diving lessons, free participation in an all-night beach rave party, free local language lessons, and free local cooking lessons, start getting suspicious.

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