i to i or Ontesol???

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i to i or Ontesol???

Unread postby jpeterson » 02 Mar 2010, 13:42

I'm trying to decide between two different online Tefl programs. I to I has an 80 hr program that includes 20hrs of grammar modules. Ontesol has 100hr program with everything. If anyone has taken either of these courses and has a recommendation for either that would be fabulous. Or if you have knowledge of online programs if you could take a look at the links below which shows both of the course syllabus' and let me know what you think. If anyone has any insight to either of these programs it would be very helpful.

I to I course : http://www.i-to-i.com/tefl-courses/onli ... 80features

Ontesol couse: http://www.ontesol.com/?doc=documents/c ... E_SYLLABUS

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Re: i to i or Ontesol

Unread postby Lucas » 09 Mar 2010, 12:46

i-to-i doesn't have any experience in delivering advanced courses such as Trinity CertTESOL or TESL Canada. This is the case for most of the other online TEFL courses and this is why online courses have a bad rep. Ontesol's 100-hour course is tailored down from the more advanced courses so trainees truly learn to prepare professional lesson plans and the 250-hour course with practicum is an extended version of Coventry House International's 5-week Trinity CertTESOL program.
Ontesol - Online TESOL/TEFL courses. http://www.ontesol.com

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Re: i to i or Ontesol

Unread postby Boooooon » 25 May 2010, 19:06

Sorry to be late, but another thing with "i to i" is that they self promote EXTREMELY. Almost as if they're forcing you to join their program. "Join this join that, look an offer here, look an offer there. Discount, cheaper, try now, for free, give us a call" yade yade yade.

I requested a call back and a guy answered some questions. He was nice. But I've emailed them atleast 6 times now, NO RESPONSE. No customer service at all, email-wise. But other than that, I'm sure they're fine.

They seem a bit too fancy though.

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