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Interested in TEFL...

Unread postby darryl » 10 Jan 2010, 14:54

Hey everyone!

My name is Darryl, I'm 27 and I'm currently living in London. I've got a BSc (Hons) Degree in Multimedia Computing and 3 years experience as a Web Developer and part of the E-Learning Development Team at a College in NW England.

Earlier this year I left this position as I wanted to try something different. I've been researching my options and I'm interested in becoming an English teacher in Germany. I know I've no experience in this field but I've been led to believe that I could do a TEFL course and gain a qualification.

What are my options, realistically. I speak basic German and I'm working quite hard learning this. Is it essential that I speak fluent German to work as an English teacher in Germany? Also, where could I study for a TEFL qualification? Would it be feasible to study in Germany?

If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated. I'm extremely excited about the possibility of a new career.

Kind Regards
Darryl Young

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Re: Interested in TEFL...

Unread postby systematic » 11 Jan 2010, 09:01

You'll never need to be able to speak the language of the country you are teaching in, although of course it helps. I lived, worked, studied, in Germany for 18 years, but I didn't go in for teaching on any grand scale until I moved to France. Germans learn English quite easily and there is relatively little demand for native speaker teachers - but you may be lucky.
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