Hours of teacher training

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Hours of teacher training

Unread postby lizrow » 15 Dec 2009, 21:24

HI guys.

I'm looking to do a TEFL course and have seen this place:

http://booking.teflengland.co.uk/bookin ... .php?c=1,3

but there are loads of options, one of which is 110 hours with a grammar course and online TEFL for £375.00.

I haven't been able to log into some places to check the requirements of recruiters, but do most employers want a really lot of training hours under their teachers belt or is it actually not an issue as long as you have the certificate?


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Re: Hours of teacher training

Unread postby Loulou » 18 Dec 2009, 12:24

Hi Sarah,

Of course, I know nothing about your work experience but I think it is important to point out that even if you manage to find a school who doesn't really put too much emphasis on teacher training, how well-equipped for this do you feel?
I remember my first training lesson - it was terrible and I was ready to give up right there! Teaching is something that has to be worked at and teacher training is very important - it's where you discover your style, where you learn what you've done right and wrong from your tutor and where you gain confidence and learn HOW to teach.
So, my question would be: if they no longer require driving licences for young drivers, should they do their driving lessons anyway or should they just jump in the car and roar down the road?!

I hope this helps!

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Re: Hours of teacher training

Unread postby systematic » 19 Dec 2009, 01:43

Thanks for that excellent analogy with driving , Loulou. :D
Basically, the better paid jobs and/or the ones that offer better conditions and working environment, will require some provable previous teaching experience, preferably in the context of what is required.

One school here states in its job ads
"... a face to face TESOL certification with a minumum of 6 hours observed teaching, or significant experience teaching 6 - 18 years olds in large classes in mainstream schools. References will be taken up..."
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