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What course to take?

Unread postby elena » 04 Dec 2009, 08:16

Hello. My name is Elena. I have worked as an English teacher for more than 10 years. I was appointed academic supervisor 3 years ago and now I do basically teacher training and supervisory activities. I'd like to know if a Celta course would be the best choice for me in terms of professsional development or if I should go for a ELT management course. I have also considered going for a Delta course but It is required to have a Celta or a TEFL and I don't have it yet. I do have a Bachelor in Education and lots of seminars, conferences, workshops, online courses related to ELT so far. I like what I do now as much as teaching since it is still helping other grow. Can I get some help on this one? I'd really appreciate it.
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Re: What course to take?

Unread postby systematic » 19 Dec 2009, 03:15

elena wrote:Hello. My name is Elena. I have worked as an English teacher for more than 10 years. I was appointed academic supervisor 3 years ago...
Hi Elena, it looks as if you have already been extremely fortunate in your career advancement. Unless you wish to seek university work, there are probably not many greater heights you can achieve in general TEFL than academic supervisor, other than a similar position in a larger establishment that pays higher salaries. In this respect, your BEd and other qualifications plus your experience as a teacher and manager should be largely sufficient. Any additional qualifications would probably be inferior, and you might not have a lot to learn from a CELTA. If you are really set on a Cambridge certificate, then the DELTA may be be the one to go for, but for a qualifiaction truly a step up, you could consider doing an MA TESOL. Most accredited universities offer a distance MA TESOL programme.
This kind of qualification, together with your others, and your vast accumulation of experience, will get you a job as head of department in a very well paying international school, or a comfortable lectureship in the English department of a Faculty of Education.
I offer any information or advice 'as is' and hope that it has been of help. I am not an admin of this board, and my postings do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the board management.
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