Phuket courses? And is 120 hrs non-CELTA ok for Vietnam?

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Phuket courses? And is 120 hrs non-CELTA ok for Vietnam?

Unread postby nallison » 10 Sep 2009, 14:17

Hi guys,

I've just started researching TEFL, I've long harboured a desire to do something meaningful abroad, and am just finishing a bond with my work, so at 26 it seems like the right time. Having travelled round Thailand and loved it I'm keen to teach there or Vietnam - I believe the pay is better in Vietnam? I have a masters degree so should meet all eligibility requirements.

I definitely want to do a full 120 hours with teaching practice so I can do my students justice, and to ensure I am confident when I go into the classroom. However, from what I've read I get the impression for my first entry into TEFL, not knowing if I will make a career of it, CELTA could be over the top, do you agree? So I'm looking at non-CELTA TEFL courses that I believe will be a bit less intense but still prepare me and be sufficient to find work?

I've seen a few courses in Phuket and wondered if anyone has views on them. The three I'm looking at are tefl phuket ( tefl plus and EBC Does anyone have any views on any of these? EBC looks most professional (and is accredited by an organisation I know in the UK), but I've read some good reviews of TEFL Phuket.

If I study in thailand is the course likely to be able to help fine me work in Vietnam? I tend to prefer the training location in Thailand - don't fancy Ho Chih Minh, I'm kind of done with big cities after London. So I'd rather study in Thailand, then try and find work in Hanoi or Denang, is this realistic? The alternative is Bridge TEFl who do a combined Cambodia/Vietnam course, any views on them?

Thanks loads in advance for your help,


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Re: Phuket courses? And is 120 hrs non-CELTA ok for Vietnam?

Unread postby ICAL_Pete » 11 Sep 2009, 07:55

In my opinion CELTA, whilst being an excellent course and arguably the best, is too advanced and too intensive for a new teacher. I always recommend that teachers have at least a couple of years experience before taking a CELTA course.

To get an entry level job almost any respected TEFL course will be sufficient. Take a look at where courses are rated and reviewed by former students.

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Re: Phuket courses? And is 120 hrs non-CELTA ok for Vietnam?

Unread postby chokyidhakpa » 10 Oct 2009, 10:26

I have taken the TEFL Phuket course., and i can confirm that they are reputable, and live up to their promises. I have heard disastrous comments about a few other TEFL courses in Phuket and around Thailand, but i did take their course in November of last year, was really blown away by their dedication and ethic...many of the people who work there and i believe the owner was a former Buddhist monk.

They taughtapplied grammar, i.e. grammar that was useful and necessary to teach with, as well as an amazing amount of hands on- methodology - that proved to be invaluable in a wide variety of contexts - schoolchildren for a few days, hotel and restaurant staff for a few days, and a travel a wide variety of contexts.

TEFL Phuket provided for visas and helped with resume/CV writing that landed me a job in Phuket (where i wanted to be) by the time i finished the course - actually had 3 job offers. I chose the resort job at the Marriot. Making about 44,000 baht a month and have a nice room, and the rest of the staff treats me with the utmost respect - because i'm their teacher!

Oh, and the TEFL Phuket housing? Exactly what they say - right on the beach - sweet!

Hope this helps.

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