Pre-course nerves

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Pre-course nerves

Unread postby fionainhk » 30 Jul 2009, 06:25

I would love some advice on conquering stage fright! I am starting a TESOL course soon and the thing that is terrifying me the most is getting up in front of my group/class/tutors and not falling apart with nerves. I am confident in my ability to grasp the technical aspects of the course, but I am very distracted by my fear of public speaking.

Thanks for any tips and advice on this.

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Re: Pre-course nerves

Unread postby Alex Case » 01 Aug 2009, 07:42

The great thing about TEFL is that the less you speak, the more your students speak and so the better your mark on the course. Other things that can take away nerves also will increase your score, such as a very detailed lesson plan with exactly what you are going to say and alternative plans. When you are on the course, you can also try your lesson out on the other trainees so that you've run through it once before. The other thing is not to get nervous about your nerves. I still have problems sleeping before a new course after 13 years of teaching, and that in no way has a negative impact on what I do in class.

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Re: Pre-course nerves

Unread postby jeepjackson » 01 Aug 2009, 14:17

Hi Fiona

I have experience as an industrial trainer and teaching tertiary students and completed a TeFL course in Phuket. I was particularly impressed by one of the tutors on the course
who conducted demonstration lessions and hardly spoke a word - it was as if a female Marcel Marceau was in the class and the students loved it and the response was amazing.
It was one of the best displays of teaching I have seen and a brilliant example of the power of silence and non verbal communication.

When I started in sales many years ago I was told "they will never know just how dumb you really are unless you make it obvious". Don't worry about making mistakes - that is what learning is all about and if you can make things fun you can get away with heaps.

I do voluntary work teaching Thai migrants and they are great and love to have fun.
Good luck, a half decent training course will provide you with the skiulls and experience to build you confidence.


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