Can you review my business English lesson plan?

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Can you review my business English lesson plan?

Unread postby jenchantc » 28 Jul 2009, 23:55

Task (iii). Preparation for a Roleplay Activity for Intermediate

Level Lower Intermediate – Business English (Adults)

Objective For students to prepare for a role play by practicing
vocabulary and structures that will be used in the role play.

Pre-Teach Vocabulary: Agenda; chairman; consensus; item; minutes;
show of hands; unanimous; vote; main points; sluggish (sales,
economy, etc); forecast; outlined; sack/dismiss/lay off

Pre-Teach Phrasal Verbs: Open a meeting; to go over; to move on;
to give some background; out of time; to close a meeting; to add
something to a discussion; kick off

Assumed Knowledge
1. Students have studied a few phrasal verbs recently.
2. Students know the verbs in the phrasal verbs.
3. Students are familiar with role-plays.

Anticipated Problems 1. Students might get overwhelmed with all
the target structures and vocabulary and phrasal verbs.
2. 45 minutes may not be enough to cover all the above, rendering
role-play useless.
3. With intonation and pronunciation

Solutions 1. For (3), drill pronunciation and intonation and
pitch and tone.
2. For (2), if time is not enough, cut out some of the target
structures and/or phrasal verbs.
3. Use elicitation and CCQ’s.

Preparation & Aids White board markers; whiteboard; gap-fill
exercise sheets; target structures sheet.

Role play: a meeting that will be held between 4 people to
discuss reducing costs of company.

Target Language
1. Prior to roleplay, elicit from students perhaps what they
think a business meeting would be like

2. Lay out possible items/scenarios: i.e. opening/intro to
meeting, stating principal objectives of meeting, introducing the
items on agendas, closing item/checking for consensus,
summarizing meeting, thanking participants

3. Elicit from students perhaps possible methods of
opening/introduction to meeting, stating principal objectives of
meeting etc.

(Opening the meeting/Introduction: Elicit from the students ways
of greetings in a formal business setting (Good morning/afternoon
everyone. Let’s get started/ start the meeting/ start. I’d like
to thank you all for coming to today’s meeting.)

Stating the Principal Objectives: Elicit ways of addressing the
items that need to be discussed (We’re here today to discuss /
Our aim is to…)

Introducing First item on Agenda: Elicit ways of starting the
meeting with the first item that needs to be addressed (so the
first item on the agenda is / Pete would you like to kick off? /
Let’s go over the first item/ Tim, would you like to give some
background on item 1?)

Closing an item: Elicit ways of ending the first discussed item
(I think that covers the first item.)

Checking for consensus/opinions: Elicit ways of checking
consensus/opinions (Does everyone agree?)
Summarizing: Elicit ways of summarizing the meeting ( Before we
close, let me summarize the points/ to sum up/ shall I go over
the main points?)

Thanking participants for attending/Closing the meeting: Elicit
ways of closing the meeting (Thank you all for attending/ Thanks
for your participation)

4. Explain to students that there will be a role play session and
assign and briefly explain roles to students

5. Give students a few minutes to think over their roles and
clarify any sort of questions

6. Have the students present their roles.

7. Take up questions at the end of all presentations.

*So apparently, I haven't included "

I have no idea what that means. Please help me out.

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Re: Can you review my business English lesson plan?

Unread postby Briona » 29 Jul 2009, 22:00

Hi jenchantc

Your tutor's comment at the bottom of the page refers to the lack of opportunity in your lesson plan for students to practise using the target language (TL).

Ideally you would introduce the TL, and give students a controlled practice exercise BEFORE the production exercise, in this case the role-play. So between steps 3 and 4 in your lesson plan, you would need to give your students a chance to 'try out' the language, e.g., think of a game or exercise that they could do that would enable you to iron out any problems they might have with the TL before the role-play commences.

Remember PPP: PRESENTATION – introduce TL; PRACTICE – controlled practice such as a game or a gap-fill exercise for example; and PRODUCTION – get students to write or speak using the TL.

Hope that helps


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Re: Can you review my business English lesson plan?

Unread postby frankieluvs » 17 Dec 2009, 03:11

What was your final lesson plan,out of interest

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