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Unread postby Richiewales » 01 Jul 2009, 15:10


Anybody heard of these? Or infact gone through them? I sent an email the other day saying that I want to teach in Indonesia. He replied as soon as you get your 2 or 3 day UK TEFL certificate you are ready to go and teach in Indonesia.

How true is this?

I have just finished an online TEFL course, I have no degree and I have no teaching experience.

Thanks for your time


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Unread postby ICAL_Pete » 03 Jul 2009, 13:29

Indonesia is more relaxed with the rules of requiring teachers to hold a minimum degree in order to apply for work. However whether it’s going to be easy for you to find a job or not will also depend on the type of competition you may find there.

Having no teaching experience is not a big problem per se, however it may mean less money. Most schools prefer younger teachers in their twenties. This is perhaps because they can pay them less and manipulate them more easily. :(

Surely your current course provider should be able to shed some light on this.

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