Im scared now! Experienced advice needed please

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Im scared now! Experienced advice needed please

Unread postby shaolinviper » 23 Jun 2009, 01:15

Hi to all,
First of all can i say that i know in forums like this, especially witha case like mine alot of info can be found by searching forums and sites a little, and i wouldnt normally create a post but all the research ive done to into this subject is taking me in circles.

My girlfriend and I have just brought our i-to-i 100 hour online course with a weekend course and eight "specialist" certificates. and whilst we are only in our first week of the course we are really enjoying it and of course looking forward to the possobilities it may open for us.

We both looked into the TEFL world before purchasing our course and were hesitant enough to go for it as neither of us have degrees. However, our optimistic side took over and we agreed to go for it and pay more attention to the 'You can still get work' threads on forums.

Now,however, I am finding it hard not to be a little nervous. as im finding a mixed reaction to the quality of the course we have purchased. independent reviews by people who have done the course only seem to say they enjoyed it. Not will this get us jobs?

Obviously this is life change will be a big move and risk we are willing to take. we just want to get it right. Please guys what are your thoughts?

*Is our course any good in terms of enabling us to get a job?
*Is there anyone out there now living that dreamafter completing a i-to-i course?

thanks for taking the time to read this long post? All replies are greatly apprecited.

until next time i need to go figure what a past perfect continous is. lol

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Re: Im scared now! Experienced advice needed please

Unread postby Alex Case » 27 Jun 2009, 08:30

Obviously this is the wrong time to be thinking about this. Any training is better than none, and if you decide later that you need the CELTA as well then any training and experience you get before should help you cruise through the course and maybe get a B or even A (more of a big deal than it sounds)

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