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Celta but no degree

Unread postby Richiewales » 10 Jun 2009, 11:12

Hello. I am considering doing a celta course in kiev. I am currently doing an online TEFL course, just to brush up my English I'm just wondering if it is worth my while/money to do a 4 week celta course. I know it will greatly improve my chances of getting a job but I have no degree. Does this matter?? I mean if I go for a job with a CELTA behind me but no degree how will the school look at this??

Many thanks for your time


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Re: Celta but no degree

Unread postby Eltheza » 10 Jun 2009, 19:01

Hi! If you look through this forum, you'll find some views on this topic. I don't know enough but I found something here (then couldn't find it again!)

I have a degree and taught in Greece. Without a degree, I couldn't have got a job - I don't have a TEFL qualification. I mention Greece because of my own experience but it varies from country to country. I hear that in the East, you may not get a visa without a degree if you're going for a teaching post.

Don't despair - decide on your destination and then research the country's requirements - and again, look through this forum!!

Good Luck! Eltheza

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