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Unread postby Steptoe » 18 Mar 2004, 20:51

Hello punters,

I'm a used-car salesman in Bournemouth and I'm bloody sick of it!! I've got a mate whose teaching English in Bangkok and he reackons it's great -and he never got any qualifications, but he reckons it's getting harder to get a job without them. So do you reckon I should bother with all that and spending the money and all or just go out there and see what turns up?

Cheers and beers,


just do it

Unread postby JohnnyQ » 07 Jun 2004, 15:44

if your sick of doing what your doing then do what you think might work. If anything it will end up as a vacation if it doesnt work out.


Unread postby Guest » 25 Jul 2004, 17:44

over 200 people look and only 1 reply, shocking :-)
get the qualification i reckon mate - its only a grand , better investment than any second hand car :-)
(from another person thinking of making the break)
once you are there, you might get the bug and want to go on travelling
and on
and on
and on


Unread postby Whatsiname » 28 Jul 2004, 03:55

You want to go to BKK?

Just go, and look for a teaching job.

But take a load of second-hand cars with you because you can sell them out there and supplement your meagre income (which will be meagre with or without certificate). Should work out fine because they drive on the wrong side of the road out there just like you do. It used to be big business importing 2nd hand cars from countries that drive on the wrong side. Not so sure now, now that they all got filthy rich, but you could check it out.

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