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University Degree - Interning

Unread postby Dornroschen » 18 Nov 2004, 22:14

I am currently attending a University in the United States and will graduage with a BA in Political Science and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I see that most of the schools are looking for some certificate. I am assuming that having a BA is going to supercede this certificate. One problem I am facing is that I need to do an internship teaching BEFORE I graduate. I would really like to work in Europe and would like to be placed for a full year. Does anyone know where I could go about finding such a placement? Thanks!


Teaching Europe

Unread postby Martin » 03 Feb 2005, 21:27

The impression I get from the research I've done is first choice for jobs in Europe goes to Brits and Irish fellows. Since your trying to simply fufill a degree requirment however, I'm sure you would qualify for either some kind of work/study program or a volunteer gig. Does it have to be Western Europe?
They are hungrey for bodies all over the place in Eastern Europe(Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria ect). Maybe check them out and take note of how much time you have. I don't really know...but if you are getting a degree in EFL, well hell, you should be able to talk your way into anything. Good luck!

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