Resources for teacher needed.

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Resources for teacher needed.

Unread postby scytheye » 28 Jul 2008, 00:28

Hi all,

I tutor a Chinese and German student in English speaking and writing, respectively. Up until know, I have been using TESL/ESL websites for my syllabus and for suggestions. I also live with a bilingual Filipino who has been relaying his informal learning methods to me.

I would like to expand what I am able to teach to a more structured format in order to get more students and see faster results. What is available for the semi-professional in terms of classes or certifcation inside a modest budget?
Really if the answer is a book ;) that is fine, but I would also welcome some sort of certification to build credibility.

Thank you!

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Re: Resources for teacher needed.

Unread postby ICAL_Pete » 02 Sep 2008, 14:49

Hi Joshua,

Online courses are a good option particularly if you have a limited budget to further your studies or if you have other work and/or family commitments that restrict the amount of time you have available to study. You can find good online courses that provide quality training and allow you to work at your own pace. Having no deadlines but those which you set for yourself is a great advantage. Working on a course with a flexible schedule where your personal tutor can be contacted 24/7 or your coursework can be submitted whenever ready has allowed many of our students – teachers to complete successfully their TESL/TEFL Certificate course, further their knowledge and gain better prospects of employment.

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