Where to take the training?

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Where to take the training?

Unread postby JeffCOS » 27 Oct 2004, 22:18

I am a semi-retired Software Engineer considering a new career as a TEFL teacher.
I was recently laid off and have little hope of finding another job in my field.
I am 61 and have a BS in Electrical Engineering and 30 years experience with computers.
I and my wife love to travel and have visited 37 countries. We lived and worked 12
years in Germany. I was a tutor for Literacy Volunteers of America for about a year.
I was a substitute teacher for over a year in the local school district.
We have considerable savings so the money from teaching will be needed but not

Before I take a TEFL course I have some questions?
Are there TEFL training centers to avoid?
Is there a real advantage to taking the course in a non-english speaking country?
What are the realistic job prospects for my age and lack of experience?
Are there short term assignments (3 to 6 months)?
What are the problems with an accompanied spouse?
How much can I expect to earn?
What about health insurance?
Jeff in Colorado Springs

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Unread postby jota_pe_ku » 16 Nov 2004, 17:25

Dude, I guess it depends on where you want to go. I packed up my stuff and picked a place wher eI wanted to be, here in Spain. Took the course with Emerson Language Resources (http://www.emersonlanguages.com) and was happy with it. Down to earth, inexpensive, good contacts. :)


emerson school

Unread postby mystique1 » 04 Jan 2005, 18:49

Can you tell me more about your experience with the Emerson school in Madrid? I am trying to decide whether I have a better chance getting a job in Spain if I took the TEFL cert. there. How long did it take for you to find a job? How's the pay? Hours? Thanks. Please email me at ahowe33@yahoo.com. ;)

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